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Stewart survives as Raab eliminated from Tory leadership race 06/18/2019 - 20:00

Boris Johnson enters TV debate as leading contender with 126 votes from second MPs’ ballot

Rory Stewart, the Black Watch veteran shaking up the Tory leadership race 06/18/2019 - 19:54

His video campaigning and public walkabouts has brought high-profile backers and changed contest’s terms

Johnson might be a dead cert for Tory leader but Stewart has reshaped the race | Tom Kibasi 06/18/2019 - 19:49
Rory Stewart’s campaign leaves Boris Johnson weakened as he heads towards his only guiding principle: his ambition to be prime minister

Boris Johnson’s ascent to the Tory leadership now looks unstoppable, judged by nervous fellow MPs to be the candidate best placed to vanquish the Brexit party by...

The Tories want to back a winner. But they don’t know how to win | Rafael Behr 06/18/2019 - 19:42
Neither of the main parties can expect traditional voters to return ‘home’ in an election. They need to learn the art of coalition

Two primal impulses are driving the Tory leadership contest: the desperate hunt for an election winner, and morbid fear of an election. Any tension between them is...

British Museum to stage Troy exhibition 150 years late 06/18/2019 - 19:33
Sadiq Khan to accuse Tory hopefuls of 'aping' language of far right 06/18/2019 - 19:30

London mayor will criticise leadership candidates for not condemning Trump comments

Sadiq Khan will accuse Conservative leadership candidates of being willing to “ape and adopt” the language of the far right for short-term political gain.

Speaking at the Muslim Leadership dinner on...

What would you ask the Conservative leadership candidates? 06/18/2019 - 19:29
From questions on Brexit to the NHS, we asked people what they would ask during tonight's debate.
Schoolboy stabbed 20 times in terrifying street attack 06/18/2019 - 19:29
Brexit: Where do candidates stand? 06/18/2019 - 19:21
Reality Check looks at the Brexit plans of the candidates to be the next Tory leader.
Tory leadership: Dominic Raab knocked out in second vote 06/18/2019 - 19:21
Five candidates are left in the Conservative leadership contest after Dominic Raab is eliminated in Tuesday's vote.
Brexit: Tom Watson urges Jeremy Corbyn to call emergency ballot for Final Say referendum 06/18/2019 - 19:14
Labour's shadow cabinet is meeting to discuss Brexit strategy in Westminster
Tory leadership result: Boris Johnson tops poll as Dominic Raab eliminated 06/18/2019 - 19:07
Momentum is with Rory Stewart, who almost doubled his vote tally to shoot into fourth place
Royal Ascot 2019, in pictures 06/18/2019 - 17:37
MPs' maternity rights: Labour's Stella Creasy speaks out 06/18/2019 - 17:34
Labour's Stella Creasy hits out at Parliament's rules, which do not fund cover for maternity leave.