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Coronavirus: Equalities watchdog to launch probe into 'entrenched racial inequalities' laid bare by pandemic 06/04/2020 - 22:31
EHRC will use its powers to compel government departments and other organisations to give evidence
Stella Creasy holds her baby in parliament during Northern Ireland abortion debate 06/04/2020 - 22:19
Ardent campaigner for decriminalisation warns devolution 'doesn't absolve us of our responsibility to uphold the human rights of every UK citizen'
Alok Sharma receives negative coronavirus test result 06/04/2020 - 22:11

Opposition say fears sparked by symptoms show MPs should stay away from parliament

Coronavirus: Patients refusing treatment because of fake news on social media, NHS staff warn 06/04/2020 - 21:22
Medics urge social media companies to step up action on misinformation and conspiracy theories putting public health at risk
Airlines and carmakers benefit from UK Covid relief scheme 06/04/2020 - 20:52

British Airways, EasyJet, Wizz Air and Ryanair have taken £1.8bn from scheme so far

Coronavirus: Business Secretary Alok Sharma tests negative 06/04/2020 - 20:02
The business secretary has been self-isolating at home since he became unwell on Wednesday.
UK coronavirus live: business secretary Alok Sharma tests negative for Covid-19 06/04/2020 - 20:02

News updates: Shapps says face coverings to be compulsory on public transport; Sharma...

BA refuses to meet Home Secretary over quarantine plans 06/04/2020 - 20:00
The airline has declined to meet Priti Patel amid strong criticism of the UK's quarantine policy.
How Boris Johnson dropped his promise to reject America's chlorinated chicken 06/04/2020 - 19:53
A timeline of events shows how the UK easily folded to American pressure, Jon Stone reports
Coronavirus: Face coverings to be mandatory on public transport 06/04/2020 - 19:52
From 15 June, people in England could be fined for not wearing a covering, the transport secretary says.
Coronavirus: Stormont gives green light to more lockdown easing 06/04/2020 - 19:27
Small outdoor weddings and a reopening of some shops will be allowed in NI from Monday.
Mandatory face coverings on public transport in England 06/04/2020 - 18:49
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announces face coverings will be mandatory on public transport in England from 15 June.
As Britain lifts its lockdown, it's vital our leaders admit their mistakes | Gaby Hinsliff 06/04/2020 - 18:20

Each step we take towards normality is an experiment, and any wrong move must be acknowledged and retraced quickly

Face coverings will be mandatory on public transport in England after 15 June, government announces 06/04/2020 - 18:15
Exemptions for young children, disabled people and those with breathing difficulties, says transport secretary Grant Shapps
Boris Johnson facing backlash after scrapping pledge to keep chlorinated chicken out of British supermarkets 06/04/2020 - 18:00
Government accused of not standing up to Donald Trump's trade negotiators