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Boris Johnson's 'new deal' is Roosevelt lite 07/04/2020 - 17:00

The PM’S building bonanza involves a sleight of hand while Dominic Cummings’s plan to ape the Americans’ advanced tech agency is flawed

It’s back to the future time again. Boris Johnson is trying to wrap himself in the cape of Franklin Roosevelt and his famous New Deal, while his...

VAT, NICs … what will Rishi Sunak’s summer statement target? 07/04/2020 - 17:00
The chancellor is hoping to boost a British economy emerging from lockdown. Here is how he might do it

On Wednesday, the chancellor will attempt to shore up Britain’s economic recovery from coronavirus as lockdown controls are lifted across most of England. But Rishi Sunak is facing a delicate...

Nigel Farage reported to police for visiting pub after US Trump rally trip 07/04/2020 - 16:02
The Brexiteer was pictured in Tulsa last month
Pity poor Rishi Sunak for being charged with delivering Boris Johnson's slogan 'build back greener' 07/04/2020 - 14:46
The behaviour changes required by coronavirus and those needed for the climate emergency seem similar, but the analogy is flawed
The UK once welcomed refugees - now we detain them indefinitely | Kamila Shamsie 07/04/2020 - 13:00

In a few decades, welcome centres for refugees have become detention centres built on violence and humiliation. The government must shut them down, writes Kamila Shamsie

In the last few months I’ve found myself returning, again and again, to a phrase that I associate with the project...

Keir Starmer faces backlash from Labour's ruling committee after party defends 'racist, sexist and abusive' WhatsApp messages 07/04/2020 - 12:03
Statement prepared by party lawyers said criticism was 'po-faced' and that officials had an expectation of privacy
We can't talk about racism without understanding whiteness | Priyamvada Gopal 07/04/2020 - 12:00

To dismantle racial hierarchy, we need to start by discussing the power it grants those on top

When it comes to race and racism, we focus on those at the sharp end of discrimination – from black people routinely subjected to police brutality to people of colour missing from positions of...

UK coronavirus live: pubs and hair salons reopen in England as lockdown eases - latest updates 07/04/2020 - 11:49

Follow all the day’s coronavirus news as the easing of lockdown measures in England also reopens restaurants, theme parks, galleries, hotels, cinemas and bingo halls

  • ...
The Great Escape: British tourism comes back to life 07/04/2020 - 11:41
Labour: unemployment could go 'way beyond anything we've experienced' 07/04/2020 - 09:00

Shadow minister Jonathan Reynolds calls for flexibility on furlough scheme and condemns return of benefits sanctions

Unemployment could soar to levels “way beyond anything we’ve experienced before” unless the government extends the furlough scheme and gets to grips with the looming crisis...

Coronavirus: Pubs, restaurants and hairdressers reopen in England 07/04/2020 - 06:20
Some hair salons opened at midnight as pubs can see customers for the first time since March.